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How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property?

You have put a lot of time and money into your ideas. Don't give away all of your hard work for free.  Attorneys Sean Kaufhold and Brendan Dix have developed The Intellectual Property Playbook to help educate their clients on what every business owner should know about IP law.  

How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property?

Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law is a practice dedicated solely to intellectual property law. For over 20 years, the patent attorneys at Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law have been helping inventors protect their creations by filing trademark and patent applications. The goal at Kaufhold & Dix is to help solo inventors and small-business owners protect their creations, to help them reap the benefits of their ingenuity and hard labor. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the specialized focus of Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law assures clients skilled, reliable and proficient counsel for all of their transactional needs.


"We have successfully obtained over 1,900 patents and counting for our clients. With strong scientific and engineering backgrounds, our patent lawyers know how to guide you through the patent process."

Sean Kaufhold

Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law


What's Inside the IP Playbook?

Who is the IP Playbook for?

The Intellectual Property Playbook is an entrepreneur's guide to patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  The guide is a must read for all of the following people interested in protecting their ideas:

  • Small business owners
  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs

Kaufhold & Dix have compiled a comprehensive 39-page guide that includes information such as:

  • The why, what, where, and when of patents
  • How to prepare for a patent application
  • The process to register a trademark
  • Ways to protect a trade secret
  • What a copyright actually protects
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